How To Earn A Tax-Free Income From Forex Trading AND Claim All Your Expenses From The UK Tax Authorities

2011-Mar-24, 12:33

WARNING: This article might be boring!

This article is aimed at UK Foreign Exchange traders who want to 1) know how to minimize their tax liabilities from forex trading, and/or 2) to know how to claim back from the UK tax authorities all the expenses incurred in their trading activities - legally.

Before I go on, I must stress that this is general UK tax information and must not be construed as professional tax advice. You should consult your personal accountant or tax consultant who can advise you personally having taking into account all your own particular circumstances. This information is given in good faith and is relevant under existing UK tax legislation.

As many UK traders know, UK income tax is normally payable on trading profits made from the foreign exchange market after relevant deduction of trading losses and expenses and any applicable personal allowances. Expenses allowable must be wholly and exclusively incurred as part of your trading activities and will include things like allowances for your trading screens and computers, IT maintenance, legal costs, telephone and broadband connection costs, FT, The Economist and other relevant subscriptions and periodicals, etc.

However, currently under UK tax law any trading gains made from the foreign exchange markets through UK spread-betting activities are tax-free. What is more, this income does not even have to be declared to the tax authorities, just like your winnings from betting on the horses at your local Bookmaker. The unfortunate thing about spread-betting is that forex trading losses (and it's a fact that the vast majority of spread-betters are losers!) are not deductible from tax. The double-whammy of spread-betting is that expenses incurred as a result of spread-bet trading activities are not usually deductible either.

So how does one take advantage of these current rules?

The simple answer is to trade using both direct forex trading and spread-bet trading! The cheeky but legal solution is to ensure that all personal tax allowances and associated expenses of forex trading are covered by net profits made using direct forex market trading activities so that the net tax liability is very low, or even zero. Your accountant will probably advise that not 100% of expenses would be allowable since not all expenses have been incurred as part of direct forex trading activities, so bear this in mind. Hopefully most of your mega forex gains made with the Lindencourt FX System will be made through your spread-betting account and will therefore be completely tax-free.

So you can have your cake and eat it!

,,How To Earn A Tax-Free Income From Forex Trading AND Claim All Your Expenses From The UK Tax Authorities
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Trading Made Easy With Blackdog Forex

2011-Mar-24, 12:32

The Blackdog forex system is designed to be used with the MetaTrader platform, however don't panic - it is not simply another worthless Expert Advisor (EA). Below you will see how profitable this strategy indicator is for the currency markets and how you can benefit on a weekly basis yourself by implementing the methods within.

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First though let's have a quick look at what this trading method involves.

- You are able to trade on any currency pairing of your choice. Traders worldwide can trade on any market that best suits their time.

- Any timeframe is tradable. This means that those who work during the day can start a trade in the morning and finish it when they get home using daily charts for example. If you prefer 4 hour, 1 hour, 30 minutes, 15 minutes, 5 minutes or 1 minute charts that' fine too.

- The system uses MetaTrader, however it is not an EA and therefore you do not have to use a broker that is tied to that platform. You simply read the signals from Metatrader and open your trade on whatever currency brokerage you prefer.

- Stop sizes are determined by the time frame of your chart.

- Success rate averages over 70% across the whole system. There are roughly over 80 trades per month but this again varies on the time frame you are using.

A fourteen week trial of the system showed a profit of nearly four thousand pips. Their seems little doubt that Blackdog Forex can make you profit, improve your lifestyle and make trading an enjoyable experience.

Best of all it is easy too!

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,,Trading Made Easy With Blackdog Forex
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Trading Gaps in the Forex: Not Trendy, But Very Profitable!

2011-Mar-24, 12:31

Common sense isn't common, more young kids know who's on the "Surreal Life" than know where Mexico is located, and if it's not new, it's not "trendy" or "hip." While this general foolishness seems to have nothing to do with Forex trading, why is it that long effective trading strategies are ignored because they're "simple" or "old?"

Why spend hours a day on an advanced, new fangled, supposedly cutting edge (read: complicated and confusing) trading system when the old "boring" version is profitable?

Isn't profit the point? Isn't it better to be old, boring, and profitable than new, flashy, and questionable? Isn't profit the bottom line here?

Gap trading is nothing new. It's been used in the stock market and in commodities trading for decades, and takes advantage of the difference, or "gap" between the closing price of the day before with the opening price of the next day, but this strategy is ignored in the Forex. Why is that?

Well, gaps rely on a market close, and when the Forex market never closes, it's really hard to get a gap or take advantage of it. In fact, during an entire trading week, there is only one time when using gap trading strategies in the Forex market is even possible! Sunday night at the open is the only time that gap trading Forex is possible.

Boring? For most of us, yeah. Pointless? Oh heck no. While different trading systems are looking for that .5% or that 1% above the 50% mark, some signs and indicators suggest that the Forex gap method is correct over 85% of the time.

No, that's not a typo, and that's not hype. Once a week may be boring, but those numbers make it worth the wait and should have you drooling at the possibilities.

So how do you trade the gaps on the Forex market?

First, understand that there are 3, and ONLY 3, things that the price can do between Friday's close and Sunday's open. They can:

1. Open above Friday's close, which is called "gapping up"
2. Open below Friday's close, which is called "gapping down"
3. Open at the exact same price, meaning there was no gap

There can be large gaps, often referred to as "full gaps" in price, or small gaps, known as "partial gaps." As far as strategy, there's no difference between the two. Good gap trading strategy works for all types of gaps. The one thing to watch out for is gap size. I don't recommend trading a gap unless there is a 15 pip difference, and this strategy is best used with the major currency pairs.

Knowing this, the rule to trading gaps may seem the opposite of what you would expect, but if you want to be right 85% of the time, here's the rule you want to follow: Whatever direction the gap is going, you want to trade the opposite direction.

So if a pair gaps up, sell short, if it gaps down, buy more. This strategy works a stunning amount of the time, and can be the edge in the Forex market that you've been looking for.

,,Trading Gaps in the Forex: Not Trendy, But Very Profitable!
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Apex Investment Services Is Now Offering Currency Trading Using Apex FX

2011-Mar-24, 12:31
Apex Investment Services Is Now Offering Currency Trading Using Apex FX?

Sydney, Australia - It was announced on April 30, 2010 that Apex Investment Services has now entered into the Currency Trading Market with the release of APEX FX Signal Generator.?

Luke MacDonald made the announcement in Sydney this past week that Apex is now in the Currency Trading Market and he also gave additional insight to the future direction of Apex Investment Services. "Since our early beginnings it was our desire to enter into the currency trading market but the timing did not line up with our long term investment strategy.? Our clients have become accustom to a steady rate of return on their investments and this is the reason we have decided that now is the perfect time for APEX FX Signal Generator."?

APEX FX is an industry leading signal generator for the Foreign Exchange Markets. Through the use of APEX FX and the support of experienced consultants APEX FX can provide an opportunity for financial freedom. APEX FX scans and processes information at a rate that was previously thought to be unobtainable.?

Using easy to understand signals, the APEX FX program scans the currencies of the world looking for profitable and tradable patterns appearing within the market. APEX FX removes the need to draw charts, read news streams or outlay large amounts of money for advice from brokers.

?Using the APEX FX program and utilizing its simple trade signals combined with small outlays (often below $100) only increases ROI, and provides an extraordinary since of accomplishment for the investor.?

Not just a program, APEX FX is backed up by superior support and clients enjoy a good relationship with the experienced team. The staff at Apex Investment Services aim to remove the barriers surrounding financial success and help provide a better tomorrow, starting today.

If you would like to know more about Apex Investment Services and The APEX FX Signal Generator then please visit




?< ;/p> ,,Apex Investment Services Is Now Offering Currency Trading Using Apex FX

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Trading Currency Etfs

2011-Mar-24, 12:30

Currency exchange traded funds (ETFs) are funds which enable traders to profit from the most liquid financial market on this planet, the forex market. Currency ETFs are one of the newest trading instruments available. Just like traditional exchange traded funds, currency ETFs too are traded just like stocks. The only difference is that they track foreign currencies, not indexes or stocks.

ETF firms create currency exchange traded funds by buying and holding foreign currencies in a fund. Then the shares of the fund are made available for traders. Whenever the foreign currency price rises (usually against US Dollar, USD) the whole value of the ETF rises and so as the price of shares. Whenever the foreign currency falls opposite events occurs.

Currently there are number of currency ETFs available for trading which can be classified into three broad categories.

    ETFs which track Single Currencies: Here each share of the currency ETF represents a fixed amount of a single foreign currency. Examples include British Pound Trust (FXB), CurrencyShares Euro Trust (FXE), CurrencyShares Swiss Franc Trust (FXF), Australian Dollar Trust (FXB), CurrencyShares Japanese Yen Trust (FXY), Canadian Dollar Trust (FXC), etc.
    ETFs which track a number of currencies: Usually these are currencies which show greater correlations. Examples include PowerShares DB U.S. Dollar Bearish (UDN) and PowerShares DB U.S. Dollar Bullish (UUP); tracking currencies include Euro (EUR), Japanese Yen (JPY), British Pound (GBP), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Swiss Franc (CHF) and Swedish Krona (SEK). The number and proportion of currencies can vary with fund to fund.
    ETFs which track currency indexes: These are fewer in number. Example includes DB G10 Currency Harvest Fund (DBV) - it track Deutsche Bank G10 Currency Future Harvest Index.

There are many advantages of trading currency ETFs over trading currencies, stocks and other ETFs.

    They are easy to trade. They are traded like stocks enabling traders to buy, hold and sell them through a broker.
    They are instruments which track the world's most liquid market.
    They are good options for diversifying the portfolio.
    They offer better tax savings than stocks.
    They enable traders to invest in growing economies across the world which are otherwise hard to reach.
    They are good instruments to hedge against decreasing dollar rates.
    They are transparent instruments are the ETF firms have to disclose the exact holding of funds on daily basis.
    They are flexible trading instruments to suit different trader styles and risk tolerance levels.
    They can be shorted and margin traded. They also can be used in complex trading strategies.

But like any other trading instrument there are also risks. Foreign currency rates can quickly fall with global economic changes, policy changes and political issues. In order to profit traders should be certain about their fund selection and market timing.

,,Trading Currency Etfs
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Currency Trading In Nse - Widening the Scope of Investment

2011-Mar-24, 12:29

Currency Trading In Nse

While the whole world was struggling with the shadow of economic slowdown, few Asian countries were performing really well. India, one of the strongest Asian economies, outperformed several counterparts and became a center for attraction for the entire world. Now, when the world economy is rebounding, growth have been seen in around every corner and in almost every sector. Currency Trading In Nse

&l t;p>India, being one of the fastest growing economies, has evolved as the hottest investment hub for several corporate and retail investors. Even Indian business houses and investors participate in the international business and have a definite share in the market on a wide scale. However, now the growing India will provide more opportunities to outside investors and Indian investors to add into the growth of the world economy. Recently, National Stock Exchange of India or NSE, which is the largest exchange by turnover in the country, announced that it will soon approach the regulatory bodies to seek the permission to tie up with S
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Trading Forex - Exploiting Weekend Gaps

2011-Mar-24, 12:28

Most trading is done using some type of technical analysis. There is an almost infinite number of indicators which can be used in myriad of ways. Trend lines, retracement levels, Fibonacci numbers, Elliot wave analysis, candlestick patterns, point and figure charting are also widely used. Just about any form of technical analysis can be used for trading Forex. Yet there is a trading application popular in other in other financial markets that is not widely used in currency trading - price gaps.

There are couple of reasons for that. Forex is a 24 H market, therefore markets don't stop, providing continues stream of price quotes. Even during important fundamental announcements, when it is possible for price to move substantially, creating gap, it would only be visible on tick charts and hidden on any larger magnitude graphs. Most traders wouldn't even notice it, making it useless for any practical approach. Also, Forex market is the most liquid and deep of all financial markets. This means that just at about any price level there are enough buyers and sellers to make price gaps almost impossible to form.

The only time when gap analysis and trading is of any value happens at the start of a trading week. Typical retail platform closes at 17:00 EST on Friday and opens at 17:00 EST Sunday. Some banks start trading 3 or even 4 hours earlier, which might create price gap when platforms open for trading. Also, heavy order build up on one side will create sudden price shift, a gap. In most instances these events can be exploited.

Most of the time these gaps are filled within 4-8 hours. If the gap is to the downside, one can establish a buy position and hold it until the price fills the empty spot. It is not advisable to chose an arbitrary buy point, but rather look for shorter term reversal signs on 5M or 15M chart. Also, the target should not be the absolute width of the gap, but rather a point about 2/3 into the gap. For example, if GBP-USD closed on Friday at 1.6200 and opened on Sunday at at 1.6140, we wouldn't try squeeze every possible pip, but rather settle for an objective around 1.6180. This vastly improves success rate.

Another trading strategy is "fading the gap". This means, that as the gap is filled, we are looking for a trade in opposite direction. Using the GBP-USD example from above, we would try to sell it when the price is inside the gap. Here also the 2/3 rule applies- our sell order would not be placed at at 1.6200 but rather 1.6180 or so. Target for this trade would be an area of the low formed before this gap was filled. This technique is even easier to use than the first one.

Few additional rules are helpful when qualifying gap for a trade. Small ones are not good candidates for trading. This will vary form currency to currency, but anything under 20 pips will be better left alone. We are looking for 40 pips in difference. Gaps not filled within 24 Hours are no longer considered for "fading" trade. Statistically, price tends to keep on going rather than reverse in this situation. Perhaps most importantly- confirm gap existence on at least one more platform. Once it is confirmed on another charting server, chances for successful trade are greatly enhanced.

,White Wedding Dresses,Trading Forex - Exploiting Weekend Gaps
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Forex Trading Strategies - The Simple 4 Hour Sterling Strategy

2011-Mar-24, 12:28

This article will give?a brief?explanation of one of my favorite forex trading strategies. It is simple and extremely effective.? All it involves is a 1 hour bar chart and observing price action on the?GBP/USD. ?I?refer to it as??the "4 hour Sterling Strategy".

Here are the steps:

1. Open up a? 1 Hour bar chart for the GBP/USD.

2.?Wait the GBP/USD? has demonstrated "tight-range consolidation"?for at least 4 consecutive hours.? By "tight-range consolidation" I mean that the range?is very well defined, usually with?no more than 50 (preferable) to 70 ?pips in the range (they will be very short bars on the hourly chart).You do not?have to?wait and watch?by the computer the entire time. You can check in every few hours?to see if a set up?may be?coming.?

3. When you identify?4 back-to-back hours of tight consolidation, you will?continue to monitor the GBP/USD more closely as you will watch for a?breakout?from the consolidation?range.???

4. If the price goes 7 pips above the upper range price, then go LONG.? Alternatively, if price moves 7 pips below the lowest value of the range, then go SHORT.??Don't?forget?to adjust for?the spread. So if your spread is 2 pips, for example,?you would then?use 9 pips above or below the range value to place your entry.

5. Set?the stop loss at 30 pips. Set?the take profit?to 70 pips.

The GBP/USD is?notorious for being a?very active currency pair. The set up does not happen every day, but does happen on many days.?The best time to find?4 hours of tight consolidation is during the US afternoon or during the Asian session.

I recommend that you?demo trade this strategy for awhile. Back test it on your?charts if you wish. You will likely agree that this?easy strategy really works!



,Formal Evening Gowns,Forex Trading Strategies - The Simple 4 Hour Sterling Strategy
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